pexels-photo-539861.jpegJesus is bad for business, Mark 5:1-20

Is there demonic activity today? There is little biblical justification for the idea that demonic activity has ceased since the resurrection of Christ.  Paul referenced that Satan operates as god of this world and roams the earth seeking whom he may devour. Modern scientific rationalism has attempted to explain all manifestation of evil as a result of natural processes, so even Christians tend to ignore the possibility of demonic activity. C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters is probably the best extra-biblical portrayal of how demonic activity works.

When studying historical accounts in the gospels we must dispose of our own pre-conceived notions and biases. We must ask, “why” things are said and done in an attempt to understand the reality of what occurred. We lack a familiarity with the culture and circumstances that the gospel writers took for granted. Modern commentators (within the past millennia) may have imposed a false understanding, so we shouldn’t automatically accept traditional explanations. Modern understandings of old English may have distorted the true meaning. For example, many moderns understand the term, “possessed of” as meaning that a person was controlled or owned by a demon, when in reality the old English meaning of that term is really that the person owned the item. In other words, the Gadarene owned his demons and not the reverse in spite of the powerful influence the demons had on his behavior. In fact, in scripture, there is little evidence of demonic powers completely owning anyone except for the person of the anti-Christ. What we see in scripture and experience is that God, in His grace, preserves the free will of individuals and that by the grace of God, people are able to find deliverance.

Consider the historical background of the area where this incident occurs. Gadarea was part of an area known as the Decapolis (ten cities) which were part of the larger area of Samaria. Samaria, from the time of the Assyrian conquest (@ 700 BC) of the northern kingdom of Israel was re-populated with non-Israelites as the Israelites were deported and dispersed. Over time some of these people came to adopt a bastardized form of Judaism. They were not what would be considered orthodox Jews. Their mores, values and religious practices were very different from the Jews of the southern kingdom of Judah. After the return of the Jews from the Babylonian captivity, the area was gradually infiltrated with practicing Jews, such as the families of Jesus and his friends John and Peter. So the area was a diverse area. A large commercial hog operation such as we see in this account would be unwelcome and probably be unprofitable in orthodox Judea, but not in the Decapolis.

The account begins with Jesus arriving in Gadarea and immediately being met by a demonized man. What unusual behavior for a man supposedly controlled by demons. You would think that demons would want to avoid Jesus. But, apparently the grace and sovereignty of God was sufficient to draw this man to Jesus and he had enough reserve of will to obey the call of God. Further, we see from verses 6 and 7 that the man worshipped Jesus. Demons don’t worship Jesus. It was the man who worshipped. Moreover, he had a revelation of Jesus’ true identity, referring to Jesus as the Son of God. Whether this was a divine revelation or from the demons who knew Jesus’ identity is unknown.

In verses 3 -5 we have a description of the man’s plight. He made the cemetery his dwelling place, which would be unusual for anyone unless they were unwelcome in normal company. Apparently, the people of the village, probably the pig farmers, often tried to bind the man. We must ask “why”. Was he a threat to them? There is no mention of him harming anyone. Instead, he would inflict pain upon himself. Were they attempting to bind him out of compassion? There is no evidence of any compassion among these pig farmers.

We see in verse 7 that in the process of worship (the man did so, not the demons) and referring to Jesus as the Son of God he expresses fear that Jesus would torment him. Was this expression of fear coming from the demons or from the man? Did the man have a wrong understanding of Jesus’ mission? Was he aware of his sin and supposing that Jesus would punish him?

Jesus commands the demons to leave the man and asks them to identify themselves. Why does Jesus ask the demons to identify themselves, after all He knows? I believe Jesus does this so that the man would understand the depravity of his situation. Strangely, in verse 10 we see that the man asks Jesus not to send the demons away. Here is proof that demonized people own their demons and in fact, they enjoy them just as they enjoy their sin. And this is the main stumbling block that prevents people from finding freedom. It was the grace and sovereignty of God that enabled this man to be free.

The demons beg to be sent into the pigs. They were perfectly willing to destroy the pigs and the pig farmers, knowing that physical death would leave them, as spirit beings, unharmed. Jesus showed more concern for the man than for the animals or the business.

The village people and pig farmers come and find the man in his right mind. The normal reaction of most people would be to rejoice. They clearly had no compassion for the man and probably were guilty of abusing the man. Perhaps the man was bad for business. Maybe he was scaring the pigs. Their response to the mercy of God is fear. They beg Jesus to leave. Why? They presumed that Jesus would be a detriment to their business.

The man for his part was grateful for his deliverance, loved Jesus and wanted to go with Him. But, Jesus had a different plan which the man was willing to follow as he went out to preach the good news throughout the area. And thus we see the purpose of Jesus’ trip to the area and the purpose for extending His grace to the man.


The Greatest Threat

It’s not North Korean or Iranian nukes. It’s not Islamic terrorism or Central American gangs. It’s not having your job shipped overseas. It’s not Obamacare or losing your health insurance. It isn’t Donald Trump. It is the judgment of God on our nation.

You rarely hear about it on the “news”, but occasionally you might catch a nature show talking about Yellowstone or the San Andreas Fault in California. Yellowstone is a giant active volcano crater. The last eruption was the largest cataclysmic event in North America. You might be familiar with the red clay soil that paints a wide swath from Wyoming all the way to Texas and the Gulf coast. It came from Yellowstone and is discernible in satellite images. And scientists warn that it could blow at any moment, just like the San Andreas Fault. A magnitude 9.0 quake on that fault would kill millions in a matter of hours. If Yellowstone erupted in a similar way that it last did, Denver would be covered in ash in a matter of hours. There is no possible way that the population could escape in time. The same fate would fall upon Omaha, Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Dallas in a few days. Bozeman and Casper would be obliterated almost instantly. This volcano dwarfs Mt. St. Helens. It would make a nuclear bomb look like a fire cracker in comparison.

I think the wrath of God is sometimes like a volcano. It may take many years because God is patient and forbearing with our sins. But, He is a God of justice and He has judged nations before. His judgment, when it comes, is swift and sure. Are we deserving of His judgment? Of course we are. And it might come at any moment. We are guilty, as a nation, of murdering more than 30 million innocent children. Our people, including our elected leaders and judges, even Christians have turned a deaf ear to the pleas of those defending the defenseless. Their blood cries out for justice. And infanticide isn’t our only sin. Pornography, fornication, adultery, prostitution and murder are rampant. 2 Timothy chapter 3 perfectly describes where we are as a nation, “For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;” (2Ti 3:2-4) Our nation has exalted perversion. We could be judged at any moment.

Perhaps, what stays God’s wrath is that there are worshipping Christians in our land. Our churches are everywhere and they are full. It’s perplexing that there are so many Christians in our land and yet evil is pervasive. Has the salt lost its savor? Are our churches filled with phonies or are we blind? Great revivals are always characterized by social change for the better and an increased commitment to godly obedience by the populace. But we don’t see that in America today. For all of our evangelizing and conversions, we see no change in the culture. The culture continues to descend into the sewer. The church, Christians, need to change what they are doing, because what they are doing now isn’t working.

In contrast, the Great Reformation of the 18thcentury that birthed this nation was marked by widespread repentance among the people. It was sparked by a sermon delivered by Jonathan Edwards entitled “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” Edwards called people to repentance. He identified sin for what it is, an affront to a holy God. He described sinners as hanging by a spider’s thread over the fiery pit of hell. The hearers shrieked out in fear. I doubt that such preaching would elicit a similar response today. People today would mock those repentant sinners as superstitious. We don’t fear God anymore. We‘re too sophisticated. It’s rare in American churches to hear about sin, judgment and hell today. The message that people have offended God and must repent has been replaced with “Jesus loves you.” Of course He does! That is why He went to the cross. But, that does not negate the need for people to understand their sinfulness. It is conviction of sin that leads people to receive the grace of God and repent.

John chapter 21 is an account of Jesus meeting His disciples by the Sea of Galilee after His resurrection. Peter and the other disciples had decided to go fishing, which was his original profession. They fished all night and caught nothing. In the morning, Jesus appears on the shore and exhorts them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat. When they do, they haul in a load of fish that they can barely handle and they recognize that it is Jesus on the shore. One explanation of the meaning of this is that Jesus, when He had first called them, told them that they would now be fishers of men. They had abandoned the calling of God and gone back to their old life and it was fruitless. We must heed God’s calling.

I think this passage has another message for us today. We are trying to be fishers of men and we are not catching very much. Jesus is saying, “Put your nets on the other side. Change what you are doing. Do it my way. Hear my voice.” We must be guided by the voice of the Holy Spirit if we expect to be fruitful.

As I was studying the scriptures on this subject I was reminded of the parable of the sower. Jesus talked about how the seed that fell on stony ground blew away and bore no fruit. I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that America has been paved over. Our soil is concrete! He said we need a jackhammer to break it up! There must be preaching about sin and hell and soon coming judgment.

I sought the scriptures for Jesus’ evangelistic approach. There are numerous examples in the gospels of Jesus doing power evangelism. People listen when someone gets healed or raised from the dead. Most of us don’t believe we can do that, but Jesus said that we could do greater things. He said that He only did what the Father was doing. You see, Colossians tells us that Jesus laid aside the prerogatives of deity and humbled Himself as a man. He only did miracles by obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit within Him that told Him what the Father was doing. We have that same Holy Spirit in us. He speaks, we must listen.

I also found an account of Jesus’ evangelism that did not involve miracles. It is told beginning in Mark 1:14 thru 1:17. Read the red, the words of Jesus. Now after that John was put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent, and believe the gospel.” Now as he walked by the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers. And Jesus said unto them, “Follow me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.” (Mar 1:14-17) There it is. Let’s break it down and put it in modern vernacular:

  1. Time’s up!
  2. The good news that God is in control, He is here and He rules.
  3. Stop what you are doing (sinning).
  4. Believe the good news of what God has done to forgive you and re-establish His rule here and now on earth
  5. Follow Jesus. He will tell what you should do. He will do great things through you.

Do it in this order, don’t use old English or Christianese:

Time is up! The hearer must understand that it is urgent. Today is the day of salvation. Jesus didn’t say, “Think about it and we’ll talk tomorrow.” You can fall into judgment at any moment. Yellowstone is ready to blow. Your heart could stop this instant. You might get hit by a car. Remind them of that horror movie where people can’t escape death when their number is up. Moderns relate to movies.

God is in control, not Trump, not Putin, not ISIS, not the banks, not your boss. He is working all things together to put everything under Jesus’ dominion. (Eph 1:9)

Stop sinning. Tell them, “You are going the wrong way!” Just as in Trains, Planes and Automobiles, “don’t mock because there are two semis headed right for you.” The hearer must be told that their sin will soon lead to tragedy.  We must call sin for what it is. We must preach sin and hell. Stop soft pedaling with your neighbor. If he blows you off, shake the dust off your feet.

Tell them the good news that Jesus paid the price for their sin and they need not suffer judgment. Not only that, but Jesus is going to restore Eden, there will be peace on earth when He sits on His earthly throne.

Tell them that they must listen to Jesus and do what He tells them to do. He wants them to have a part in building His new Kingdom.

Response to “10 Things Pastors Absolutely HATE to Admit Publicly”

I recently read this column in Church Leaders. ( I’m not sure that I am really qualified to comment on this as I was only a “pastor” for five years. Actually, I was a church planter. I planted a Vineyard church in a growing suburban area of eastern Iowa. I’m not sure that I was really “called” to be a pastor. My gifting and passion really was teaching, but in the modern American version of church the best opportunity to express that gift is in pastoral ministry. Never the less, I really could identify with many of the author’s sentiments. So here is my take on it.

  1. We take it personally when you leave the church. Yes and amen. I was deeply committed to seeing the church thrive, but American churches are deeply competitive and consumer oriented. Too many church goers have a consumer mentality and shy away from relationships and commitment. It is especially difficult for new church plants without denominational or sending church support to compete with mega churches. We didn’t get much help. I spent four years without a paycheck. The Vineyard helps very few church plants. We gave more to the Association than they gave to us. The church that “sent” us out gave lip service to church planting, but the pastor was greedy. He eventually resigned from ministry because he was discovered to be embezzling donations.
  2. We feel pressure to perform week after week. I never really felt this pressure. I loved teaching, studying and preparing. I felt confident in my teaching/ preaching skills to the point that I never worried about it.
  3. We struggle with getting our worth from ministry. This was probably my biggest problem.
  4. We regularly think about quitting. Not really. Most of the time I loved what I was doing. I developed strong relationships that exist to this day and I know that I was used to help many people to grow in their walk with Christ.
  5. We say we are transparent—it’s actually opaque. I think I crossed the line too many times. We were deeply wounded by people that we thought we could trust.
  6. We measure ourselves by the numbers. Yes, especially in a church planting movement like the Vineyard. While I was serving we attended a number of church growth conferences and our movement placed heavy emphasis on church growth. Yes, Jesus wants a big church. But, He also wants a mature church and He wants His people to be in committed communion/ community. There was not much emphasis placed on the later. Success and support was measured and received based on numbers. I firmly believe that the American church would be stronger if there were fewer mega churches and more small churches characterized by greater commitment and maturity.
  7. We spend more time discouraged than encouraged. Most of the time this was not true for me as our church was growing in maturity, community and numbers for about five years (We were running about 75 in attendance and almost half were in one of several weekly home groups). We were doing relatively well compared to most church plants which fail before five years. Ours blew up over a short time span over a discipline issue. I made the mistake of following the biblical plan of church discipline by dis-fellowshipping a gossip after repeated warnings. My district overseer warned me not to do it. He was right from a strictly worldly business perspective. I should have done it sooner as the damage was irreparable by the time I did it. It wasn’t discouraging until the end. I once had a rude old Methodist pastor ask me, “Why did your church fail?” I wanted to smack him. I told him it wasn’t my church. Those who were blessed by our ministry do not consider it a failure.
  8. We worry about what you think. What, me worry? I should have been more sensitive to what people were thinking.
  9. We struggle with competition and jealousy. Oh yeah. I learned that it wasn’t about me.
  10. We feel like we failed you more than we helped you. No, I know I helped them.


The Four Faces of God

Discovering Biblical Personhood

I recently attended a men’s breakfast at our church where we heard an excellent lecture from Dr. Robert Lewis on “The Four Faces of Manhood”. Dr Lewis describes the four faces of biblical manhood as follows: King, Warrior, Lover and Friend. He plots these on a graph as follows:


Lover —————–  Friend



God has intended for the King to lead, for the friend to be faithful, for the warrior to be a protector and for the lover to love sacrificially as Christ loves the church (Ephesians 5:25). He then describes how God’s design for man can be perverted by “ugly caricatures”. The King becomes a cruel tyrant or a weak abdicator. The friend becomes a loner or a user of others. The warrior becomes a destroyer or a wimp and the lover becomes critical or cold.

It seemed to me that an unbalanced man would tend to lean in a circular direction and that the ugly caricatures would follow in a predictable pattern so that a tyrant king would be a using friend, a destroying warrior and a critical lover. On the other hand, if the unbalanced man leaned in the other direction he would be a weak abdicator, cold lover, a wimpy warrior and a loner rather than friend.

As I contemplated this, I was reminded of some scriptures about “four faces”. The first was in Ezekiel chapter 1 where Ezekiel has a vision of God’s throne and he describes four creatures (some call seraph) that stand guard around God’s throne:

As for the likeness of their faces, each had the face of a man; each of the four had the face of a lion on the right side, each of the four had the face of an ox on the left side, and each of the four had the face of an eagle. Ezekiel 1:10 NKJV

The Apostle John had a similar vision described in Revelation chapter 4:

Before the throne there was a sea of glass, like crystal. And in the midst of the throne, and around the throne, were four living creatures full of eyes in front and in back. The first living creature was like a lion, the second living creature like a calf, the third living creature had a face like a man, and the fourth living creature was like a flying eagle. Revelation 4:6-7 NKJV

It is interesting that the two visions vary slightly, but to my mind it only lends credibility to the authenticity as the scriptures are inspired by God and penned by men with different perspectives. One can only imagine how frightening such a vision might be and how each might have a different memory of it, just as two people observing a horrible accident might have different accounts. If John had meant to copy Ezekiel he would have done it word for word, but he didn’t. But the two accounts are so similar as to confirm that they were seeing the same throne room.

We must understand that all creation is intended to glorify God as originally created. The creatures guarding God’s throne can be considered to display the character and nature of God just as mankind is made in the image of God. So, what do these creatures tell us about God and how does that apply to mankind?

I believe that the seraph show us that God relates to us as a man and a friend. God came to earth in the form of the man Jesus who referred to Himself as “the Son of Man.” God relates to us as King over all creation as the lion rules over all other creatures. Jesus is referred to as the Lion of the tribe of Judah and revelation assures that He will reign over all creation forever and ever (Rev. 11:15). An ox or a calf is a sacrificial animal. Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (Jn 1:29). An eagle is the swiftest of hunters and warriors. In the Psalms God describes Himself as an eagle protecting His flock.  He shelters us beneath His wings (Psalm 17:8).

So the new chart is this:


Lover/Ox —————– Friend/Man


As I have repeatedly read these scriptures in Ezekiel and Revelation I have wondered at their meaning and significance. I believe through this study that the Lord has granted me a measure of revelation. The four fold nature of God is even displayed in the different gospel accounts. Matthew depicts Christ as King beginning with His royal lineage (Mt. 2:2). Mark, written from Peter’s memories (Mark was Peter’s scribe), describes Jesus as a friend and a brother (Mark 3:35). No one was closer to Jesus than Peter. Mark reveals Jesus as a man (Mark 9:12).

Luke, written from Paul’s memories (Luke was discipled by Paul), displays Jesus as the warrior, the defender of the faith and the faithful. We see in the gospel of Luke the accounts of Jesus’ battles with the religious leaders and Pharisees (those accounts don’t name Paul, but I believe that he was among those who followed Jesus constantly seeking to trip him up; Luke 6:7). It is interesting that Jesus chose Paul, a fanatical defender of Judaism, to be the primary evangelist and his Acts and his letters portray how he battled like an eagle to defend the gospel.

John, the mystic, the romantic, depicts Christ as a sacrificial lover. He tells us that God so loved the world that He gave and describes Jesus as the Lamb of God. John records Jesus saying, “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” (Joh 13:34-35)

These scriptures revealing God’s nature and our response pertain to all mankind, including women. They show us what biblical personhood is. Women are created to reflect God’s image as well. Women are called to lead, love, protect and befriend all be it in a unique way.

As I looked further into Ezekiel’s vision I discovered that it reveals not only the nature of God, but it speaks about how we must walk with God. The vision shows us how not to become unbalanced, fall into sin and display a false, ugly caricature. I noticed that the creatures walked in the Spirit, that is they followed the Holy Spirit. They didn’t become unbalanced and turn to the left or right.

And each one went straight forward; they went wherever the spirit wanted to go, and they did not turn when they went. Ezekiel 1:12 NKJV

The vision goes on to tell us that a strange object followed each of the creatures.

Now as I looked at the living creatures, behold, a wheel was on the earth beside each living creature with its four faces. The appearance of the wheels and their workings was like the color of beryl, and all four had the same likeness. The appearance of their workings was, as it were, a wheel in the middle of a wheel. When they moved, they went toward any one of four directions; they did not turn aside when they went. Ezekiel 1:15-17 NKJV

The scripture goes on to describe how the wheels are covered with eyes, depicting the all seeing, all knowing nature of God. This strange object, like the Seraphim, does not turn to the left or right, but follows the straight path, the narrow way. It reminded me of a gyroscope. I searched the definition/ function of a gyroscope.

Gyroscope: an apparatus consisting of a rotating wheel so mounted that its axis can turn freely in certain or all directions, and capable of maintaining the same absolute direction in space in spite of movements of the mountings and surrounding parts: used to maintain equilibrium, determine direction, etc.

Gyroscopes are used in aircraft instrumentation to show relative position to the earth. They help the pilot to know where straight and level is. A gyroscope has two perpendicular axes. One is perpendicular to the earth and the other is parallel. The axes of a gyroscope make a cross.

Our church has recently been studying the book of Romans. Last week I heard a message from chapter 7 by pastor Keith Knight. Chapter 7 is about struggling with sin. The conclusion is that there is deliverance from sin through Jesus Christ. At the climax of the message Keith turned to a cross on the stage and told us that when the struggle is there, he turns to the cross and reminds himself what Jesus did there to save us from sin. That is the key! That is what will keep us on the straight and narrow road.

I know that this vision is meant to show us that God has provided us with a holy gyroscope to help us follow Him. If we focus on what happened on the cross we will keep our spiritual bearings and not wander off to the left or right displaying an ugly image.

It’s interesting that such a mysterious vision should boil down to such a simple truth that is spelled out in the New Testament: that the way to overcome is to walk in the Spirit and keep your focus on Christ’s finished work on the cross. That is exactly how God revealed Himself in the old covenant. Jesus spoke in parables because He searches for seekers who will find revelation in ALL of scripture.






Un-Refuted Memes

There are three memes that are repeated ad-nauseum by liberals/ progressives that go unchallenged by the media and almost all politicians of all stripes:

  1. “The rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes.”
  2. “Trickle-down economics doesn’t work; only the rich benefit, lower and middle income people suffer.”
  3. “Trickle-down caused the 2008 depression.”

These false premises are never challenged even though they are easily refuted. In this week’s Presidential debate we saw Hillary Clinton trumpet all three of these lies that Trump never refuted. The truth is that the rich pay the majority of taxes and the lower 50% pay almost nothing. “Trickle-down”, more appropriately called lower marginal tax rates, does help everyone. Simply put, a rising tide raises all boats. The accuracy of the Laffer theory has been proven during both the Kennedy and the Reagan tax cuts. The prosperity of the Clinton era was largely a result of the Reagan tax cuts. Finally, “trickle-down” did not cause the depression of 2008. The depression was caused by the bank failures which resulted from a manipulated real estate market. In other words, corrupt Wall St, bankers caused the depression. For an accurate explanation watch “The Big Short”, one of few Hollywood productions that tells the truth.

These false premises can be easily refuted by anyone willing to do their own research. The big lies go unchallenged by liberals because they want big government. The media cooperate because the media is big business. Big business, Wall St., big corporations, big union and, big bureaucracy all benefit from big government. Big government, with more power to manipulate the people and the economy, is more susceptible to corruption and influence buying because power is concentrated with the few. Big business, like Trump, can use carefully crafted loopholes (unavailable to small business and individuals) to avoid paying their “fair share.” Another phony lie is that big business, Wall St. and big corporations support just Republicans and that Democrats are for the little guy. Big business funds whoever has power. Most of the time that’s Democrats and research will prove that they get more donations from big business. Another lie is that Republicans and big business are conservative or favor smaller government. For at least a century there has been a sweet marriage between government and crony capitalists.

What surprises some people is that these memes are not refuted by Republicans, but it is only further proof that the Republican Party is not conservative.

Are Christian Ministers Who Support Trump or Clinton Harming Efforts to Reach Millenials With the Gospel?

73% of Milennials say Trump and the GOP “appeals to bigotry” in latest Quinnipiac poll. How does the church reach a generation that has been raised (in Caesar’s schools) on “social justice” and believes that the 1% are evil and corrupt? A large part of the 1% establishhment is evil and corrupt and the candidates of the two major parties represent perfectly that evil corrupt establishment. When people like Falwell and Dobson support Trump they affirm the wrong impression of Christians held by too many young people. These “Christian” ministers are seen as unprincipled supporters of greed, power and evil. Granted, young Bernie fans mistakenly believe that socialism is the cure for injustice (that’s what they learned in the public schools that you sent them to). The cure for injustice is the gospel. But, they may never listen because of the representatives of the gospel who are seen as supporters of the injustice, and that not without reason.

The Politics of Fear

We are witnessing one of the most peculiar and painful elections in our history. The two major parties have nominated two of the most flawed candidates with higher negatives than any candidate in recent memory. This is reflected in the polls. A recent IPSOS poll puts Clinton at 42%, Trump at 32%, Johnson at 15% and other at 8%. What is amazing is that a large segment of the support for the major party candidates, Trump and Clinton, is with reservation. I would guess that 60 – 70% of the voting population is unhappy with the crap sandwich that the established parties have presented us. Many folks at both ends of the political spectrum can be heard to say that Trump or Clinton was not their first choice but that they have to vote for them because the other would be a tragedy.

Such is the politics of fear. This strategy is not new to politics. It is generally utilized to establish despotic regimes. Truly, there is plenty of evidence on either side to inspire regret. Clinton’s career is littered with lies and corruption from Whitewater to Benghazi to Emailgate to selling influence through the Clinton Foundation.  The Clintons probably have more dead former associates than many mafia figures. Donald Trump does not inspire much trust either. He ran one of the sleaziest campaigns ever, using his friend at the National Enquirer to falsely smear his opponent and his family. He has a history of being a liberal Democrat, but we are to believe that he has had an epiphany even though he has changed his position during the campaign on just about every issue of importance to conservatives. One day he is pro-life and the next day he praises Planned Parenthood for the great work they do. Planned Parenthood kills children and no amount of birth control or screenings could make up for that. Any real pro-life person would know that. Can you really trust such a man?

Depending on who you listen to we are to believe that if Trump or Clinton becomes President, it will be the end of America. I have to admit that I thought Obama would be the end of America. He did transform America into something less safe, less prosperous and less moral, but by the forbearance of God America still survives. A wise pastor friend of mine said that Hillary is not the biggest threat to America, but disobedience to God is. And the same could be said of Trump. So, if the next President appoints radical leftists to the Supreme Court, are they going to strip us of our liberties? 25 million Americans own guns. Good luck trying to get them. They won’t get mine, Molon Labe! You would have a hard time finding a sheriff who believes that gun confiscation is feasible. The court, mostly Republican appointees, has overthrown practically every thread of moral decency we have. Sodomites can marry. Perverts can go in the restroom with your little girl. It’s permissible to chop up babies in the womb and sell their parts. What’s left? God is already judging this land for the innocent bloodshed and evil that we permit and if we don’t repent, it won’t matter who the President or Supreme Court is.

Lately I’ve been hearing some of the talking heads in so-called “conservative” talk radio already blaming the Never Trump crowd for electing Hillary. Again, the appeal to the politics of fear threatens us. I suspect that if every Never Trumper voted for Trump it wouldn’t change the outcome either way. Didn’t Trump say he didn’t need them? The truth is he will probably need many more than that group. Instead of blaming people for obeying their conscience, they should be blaming the fools who nominated this jerk.

There is a remnant of God fearing people in America who are seeking to do what they believe God would want and they shouldn’t be cajoled by fear mongers, regardless of their decision. If you are curious about God’s direction on choosing leaders for a nation read Exodus 18:21. “And you shall look out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating unjust gain. And place such over them to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens.” There you have it. God is not saying that you must select one without sin or that you have to elect a pastor. He has four criteria: that the person is God fearing, capable, truthful and just. That’s it! If you want to obey God, then decide if your candidate meets those criteria.

From what I’m seeing, a majority of Americans are not happy with the major party candidates. If a majority rejected both it would lead to the greatest political shake-up since the civil war. If we all came to the realization that both parties are part of the same corrupt establishment we might be able to have better choices available to us.



Why This Former Republican is Voting None of the Above

I’ve been a lifelong Republican. My first election was 1968. I voted for Nixon. I’ve voted in every election since for the Republican. I held my nose for Bush Read My Lips, for Dole, Mc Cain and Romney. This year I supported Ted Cruz. I’m done. I want to echo what I heard one friend say, “If we vote for Trump we will need to apologize to Bill Clinton.” Why? We said that “character matters”. And none of the candidates has the moral character to lead our nation.

Hillary Clinton is a criminal and a liar. Donald Trump is an unrepentant serial adulterer, strip club and casino owner who lies about half of the time that he opens his mouth. He has switched his position on every major issue of importance to conservatives at least one time. He is a rude, crass bully. Donald Trump is a liberal New York Democrat and he won’t be getting my vote. I’ll be writing in Ted Cruz. It’s not a wasted vote and it’s not a vote for Hillary. If a majority of voters, both Republican and Democrat, rejected both of these candidates, they would not receive sufficient electoral votes to be elected. That would send the most powerful message that the political class has ever heard.

Not only will I be #Noneoftheabove ( in my selection of President, but I will do likewise for the Senate and Congressional election. I recently changed my registration to “None.” I won’t be voting for Democrats because they are big government socialists, union tools and immoral on social issues like abortion. But, I won’t be voting for the old Chuckwagon Grassley or for Shaft Rod Blum either.

Let me cite some personal history with Grassley and Blum. In 2008, I wrote and I called Grassley. I begged him not to vote for the Wall St bank bailout. If you’ve seen the movie “The Big Short” you know how the Wall St. banks like Goldman Sachs were responsible for the 2008 financial crisis. I lost $30,000 in my 401k in one day. But, the banks got bailed out. Their irresponsible behavior didn’t cost them a dime. Grassley voted for the bailout. He later repented with crocodile tears, so I gave him another chance in 2010. In 2010 and 2014 the GOP promised to stop Obama’s big government agenda and we gave them complete control of Congress. Not a dime of our taxes can be spent without Congressional approval. But, because the Republicans are afraid of the media and Obama they bent over and rubber stamped everything he wanted.

I watched the Center for Medical Progress videos revealing that Planned Parenthood is selling aborted baby parts. This evil organization should not receive federal money for anything that it does. Earlier this year Senator Ted Cruz had a brilliant plan to defund Planned Parenthood. He was proposing an amendment to the Transportation appropriation. This was a measure that Obama and the Democrats desperately wanted. It would have made it very difficult for Democrats to filibuster the measure of for Obama to veto it. But, Lying Mitch RINO McConnell would not allow the amendment to come to a vote. Cruz only needed ten Senators to suspend the rule and get a vote. I called both Grassley and Ernst and begged them to support Senator Cruz. They did not. Subsequently, with typical political deceitfulness, Ernst offered a stand-alone defund measure that she and everyone else in Congress knew would never have enough votes (60) to pass a Democrat filibuster. She wasn’t fooling me.

Last year Congress gave Obama Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) to negotiate the Trans Pacific Partnership. TPA virtually assures passage of TPP by allowing a simple majority vote on TPP without amendments. TPP is one of those treaties that has been kept secret, but it is reported that it would permit foreign companies to open businesses here and import their own foreign labor. I called Rod Blum and begged him not to support TPA, but Rod Shaft Blum ignored me and gave Obama everything he wanted. Well, it’s pay-back time.

I will write-in Ted Cruz for President, Pastor Cary Gordon for Senator and Steve Sherman for Congress.

Why Worldview Matters

And why both the West and Islam are destined for destruction

The world can be divided between east and west and their respective view with regard to what is the ultimate or eternal reality? Eastern thinking says the permanent reality is the spiritual realm. The west says that this physical world is the final reality. Eastern religions including biblical Christianity consider the physical realm to be a temporary reality (and I say biblical because much of modern western Christianity is not biblical).

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all had their roots in eastern thinking. In eastern thinking, one’s belief about God and the spiritual realm dictated every aspect of life including sexuality, family, marriage, children, education, work, government. In ancient eastern cultures wars were a natural occurrence as an expression of the conflict between differing beliefs about God. The wars between Israel and Egypt are only one example of a world that was constantly at war. They fought over whose god was God? There could be no compromise. They could not coexist since allegiance to their god was total. There was no pluralism or multiculturalism.

In contrast modern western culture, with the exception of what would be called derogatorily “fundamentalists” (see, all eastern thinkers are “fundamentalists”), see the physical realm as the primary or (depending on whether or not one is “religious”), the only reality. To the westerner, religion or spirituality or what one believes about God is something reserved for an occasional worship service or discussion. For most westerners, except for those weird fundamentalists, one’s beliefs about God have nothing to do with sex, family, marriage, education, children, work, recreation or government.

Western culture was formed by the humanist tradition, which places man at the pinnacle of the evolutionary ladder. The idea of God as Creator is rejected. (It is surprising how many western so-called Christians believe in the theory of evolution) Humanism is an outgrowth of Greek culture and philosophy and I don’t mean by that early Greek polytheism. The early Greek philosophers, Aristotle, Plato and Socrates sowed the seeds of humanism and it was this Greek philosophy that was adopted by the ruling Roman class (not to be confused with the lower class polytheists). The Roman generals and Senate did not believe in any god other than themselves. Emperor worship was simply a utilitarian strategy for maintaining allegiance of and power over the lower classes. (It is interesting that the prophet Daniel’s vision of the northern conquering king, possibly Roman and a type of the anti-Christ to come speaks of a man who has no regard for any god. “He will not regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god. For he shall magnify himself above all. But in his place he shall honor the god of forces; and a god whom his fathers did not know, he shall honor with gold and silver, and with precious stones and desirable things.”(Dan 11:37-38)

The Roman state was the first humanist empire. It’s religion was power. To the western mindset, dying for the glory of one’s God is ridiculous. Westerners will fight for power, money, love, family or patriotism* (note that all those things relate to human desires), but not for God. A westerner really doesn’t care what his neighbor believes about God. Thus, the later emperors could tolerate Jews and Christians as long as they didn’t allow “kingdom” thinking to influence their politics. Thus began the beginning of compromise for western Christians.

Humanism began to influence western Christianity when the Roman Catholic Church became the establishment and adopted Aristotelian philosophy. Humanistic philosophy strengthened the idea of an all powerful Pope. The purpose of such a leadership structure is ultimate power. As the Roman church drifted away from biblical Christianity and toward humanism it lost its foundational principles. As with any human institution ruled by corrupt man, the more powerful it became, the more corrupt it was.

As the church left its first love and became corrupt, God, in His sovereign mercy, contained the cancer to keep it from spreading by surrounding it with a different eastern religion known as Islam. The followers of this new religion were willing to fight and die for their god. Romans would fight for money or power, but were hesitant to die for it.

The Protestant reformation was a response to the corruption of the Roman church and was marked by a return to scripture only. This renewed obedience to scripture led to a missionary zeal that had been non-existent in the Roman church. By Divine providence, Islam receded to allow the biblical Christian gospel to be carried to the New World**. But, in the western world, the Christian faith continued to encounter conflicting beliefs as the enlightenment and age of reason swept Europe. The enlightenment was characterized by a renewed interest in ancient Greek humanist philosophy and the age of reason ushered in more skepticism about matters of faith. This skepticism eventually manifested itself in the form of what became known as “higher criticism” in examining the scriptures. This is nothing more than the exaltation of man’s wisdom and the denigration of inspired scripture. The fruit of this has been the death of the Protestant church in Europe.

As humanism or western thinking continued to grow in Europe the governments and the church became increasingly corrupt as all human institutions will. Where man is the be all and end all, sin will abound. In response, many fundamentalist bible believing Christians fled to the New World to escape. Consequently, the New World was fertile ground for the Great Awakenings that birthed the evangelical church in the west. The First Great Awakening was the impetus for the American Revolution as freedom loving Americans rejected the rule of a corrupt monarch. But, even as the new revolution succeeded, the seeds of conflict with humanism were being sown. Most early governments of the colonies had been based upon biblical law, but the new constitution was more a product of the enlightenment than the Bible. Thus began a government of “We the people” as opposed to a government under God. The new government was no longer dedicated to Jesus Christ but would be the greatest humanist government ever.

Not surprisingly, today one of the great challenges facing western culture is the renewed threat of fundamentalist Islam. It is a mystery to the western thinker. They seem to come out of the dark ages. They are fanatically committed to their god in every area of their lives. They will commit suicide for their god. Westerners don’t know how to deal with this. We throw armies and bombs at them in their own land, but they keep coming back. And then, because we hold no allegiance to any religion, because we value “diversity”, we allow them to come to our country to kill us. We die from our own ignorance of who and what we are fighting. Our leaders tell us that Islam is a religion of peace. Our leaders lie. Islam is war. Real Muslims, the ones who believe the Koran, the ones who are eastern thinkers, know that. We think that we can westernize Muslims and we may succeed with some. We may get some of them to reject their holy book in favor of McDonalds, but they will still go to mosque where the preacher is an eastern thinker and he will shame them. They will never rat on their eastern combatants. The west will continue to experience horrific attacks until someday our leaders believe it is a threat to their power and fortune and then we will obliterate them from the earth with lasers and bombs from the heavens. The Muslims will end like the Jews on Masada who thought they were safe until Roman technology conquered them.

So, today, the western Christian church is in conflict. Bible believing Christians in the west live in a culture which is thoroughly humanistic. With regard to sexuality, marriage, education or the sanctity of life, we are in conflict with the culture we live in. Some refer to a culture war, but the sad news is that the Bible is in conflict with the prevailing views of our culture. We live in a post-Christian culture. How has this impacted the church? The Roman church is as corrupt as it ever was. It is riddled with pedophiles in the pastorate. It continues its incestuous relationships with humanist governments. Mainline older Protestant churches have succumbed to unbelief grown out of their higher criticism and continually affirm allegiance to the ideas of the unbiblical doctrines of the humanist culture. The evangelical church in the west is infected with antinomian (rejection of God’s law) belief because the law of God is incompatible with our culture and makes us uncomfortable. American Christians for the most part believe and act more like westerners than their Christian founders who were eastern. We claim allegiance in church on Sunday, but rarely does our faith have any impact on the way we live.

I liken the western world, specifically America, to the Buddhist monks who self immolate in protest. We live in a suicidal culture. The demise of the west is inherent in its secular humanist philosophy. The arrogance and idolatry of man worship will surely be judged by God. There is no question in my mind that western society is the anti-Christ system. What is anti-Christ but man claiming to be God? That is humanism. “Here is the wisdom. Let him having reason count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. And its number is six hundred and sixty-six.” (Rev 13:18)

Those who seek to be faithful to God must reject this culture. And I heard another voice from Heaven, saying, Come out of her, My people, that you may not be partakers of her sins, and that you may not receive of her plagues.” (Rev 18:4) You must decide that Jesus Christ is the ultimate reality that governs every aspect of your life. You must realize that Jesus is not an American. He is not multi-cultural. He said He is the only way. He is intolerant of sin. He is holy and has shown us what He expects in His law. You are saved by His grace, by His sacrifice for your sins, but you are not saved to live like a pagan. America, western society, says all religions are valid. Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” America says that casual sex is a recreational activity with anyone you want regardless of gender. Jesus says that sex is a gift of intimacy for a man and woman committed to marriage for life. America says to educate your children in the ways of the world in government schools. Jesus says to train your children in His ways. American education mocks and maligns Jesus and His ways. America has no respect for life or private property. Jesus values life from the womb to the tomb. Jesus says, “Do not steal.” America says that Jesus has no place in politics. Jesus calls you to choose men of Christian character. America elevates the braggart, the arrogant, the liar and the pompous. Choose this day whom you will serve for Christ is coming soon and He will judge with righteousness.

*It is a sad thing when western troops return from combat disillusioned. Many go off to war to fight for country or freedom only to discover that their leaders only concern is their own power, that their government does not really care about them or defeating the enemy. Their leaders are humanists who worship themselves, having no higher principles and are frequently corrupt.

**The decline of Islam can be attributed to both the stupidity of its rulers and to advances of western technology in warfare; Islam’s rejection of science as a “western” endeavor was and is a fatal weakness that led to its demise and will lead to its future demise; the rejection of science is not necessarily an eastern concept; early Egyptians and Chinese were fervent scientists while holding fast to their belief in the preeminence of the spiritual realm.


Papa’s Stories

Papa’s Stories
A gift to my wonderful grandchildren who always humored me by listening.



Foreward. 3

“Curse at Me!”. 4

Got Ya Birdie. 6

Goober’s Pizza Sauce. 7

Bull Spittle. 9

POW Training. 10

“Stew, You on Fire. Man, You on Fire!”. 14


My most cherished memories are of the times that we sat around the campfire as an extended family and the grandchildren would invariably ask me to tell some of my famous stories. It didn’t matter that they and their parents had heard them many times before; they still seemed to enjoy them. So these stories are dedicated to my family with the hope that your children and grandchildren will continue to have a laugh on me.

I attest that these stories are true to the best of my recollection. I really was a lifeguard at the beach during my high school years. And I really was an Air Force pilot for a short time, but not for as long as I had wanted because I made mistakes. I was never a huge “success” by worldly standards. I had many and varied forms of employment. I was a salesman who sold medical supplies, contact lenses, barns and computers. I volunteered to teach at a Christian school for one year and was blessed to have Amy and Beth in my class. I didn’t make any money, but some of my sweetest memories are from that year and my class of all girls. God must have created me to shepherd girls because He gave me four of the finest that have ever lived. And He gave me the most wonderful wife that I didn’t deserve who even supported me from time to time. Thank you, Lord. And thank you, Sherry.

I planted and served as pastor for a great church for five years. It died young because I wasn’t wise about building a big organization, but I was obedient to God and He was done with it. It served its purpose. And so my greatest achievement has been trusting in Jesus and His greatest blessing has been my family.

Post script: Some of these stories took place while I was still young and had yet to give my life to Christ, so keep in mind, I wasn’t always a “good” boy.

“Curse at Me!”

I was a young man in high school and I was working my summer vacation as a lifeguard at a local public beach in West Islip, where I grew up. It was a small beach and only had a small staff of a few lifeguards to do all of the work, including security and safety. We had a single lifeguard stand which was roped off to keep the “public” out. A shift included one guard on the stand and another on the blanket inside the guard area. We also had a supervisor who usually hung out in the guard office which was inside the beach house. The beach house also had restrooms, locker rooms and a concession stand. Outside the cinder block beach house there were outdoor showers in full view of the beach and lifeguard stand. The showers had a concrete floor and only dispensed cold water. Besides being responsible for saving swimmers from drowning, the lifeguards were responsible for safety and security for the entire beach area.

There was one young boy, probably about junior high age, who came to the beach almost every day. I never noticed that he came with his mother because he never hung around her. This young man had a nose for trouble and seemed to enjoy terrorizing some of the young girls. On this particular day, I had to warn him several times about his behavior. He was dunking girls and holding them under water. He was running around the beach chasing girls, knocking over toddlers and kicking sand on young mothers. After warning him several times, I heard a girl screaming behind me. I turned around on the stand to see this bad boy lifting a girl over his shoulders in the outdoor shower. I could imagine him dropping her on her head on the concrete floor. I blew my whistle to get his attention, but he either couldn’t hear me or he didn’t want to. I jumped off of the lifeguard stand while my backup climbed up to watch the swimmers. I had had enough of this boy’s antics for one day and told him that he had to leave the beach for the day. I did have the authority to evict unruly beach goers. The boy stopped and walked off to get his things. It was over, or so I thought. I returned to the guard area.

If you didn’t grow up in my home town you wouldn’t understand that Italian immigrants made up about half of the population. Many of the parents were first generation immigrants and they had a distinct accent, customs and even dress. Simply by their appearance one could say that they looked like they had just come off the boat from Italy.

Soon after I returned to the guard area this boy’s mother, who I had not noticed before, came waddling over. I say “waddling” because she walked like a duck since she must have weighed well over 400 pounds. She was dressed in a bathing suit with a skirt that was much too small for her huge body. She walked up to me and in a thick New York City Italian accent said, “Why’s he gotta leave da beach?” I took several minutes to explain in detail all of his disruptive and dangerous behavior, which she must have seen for herself. After I finished explaining, she raised her hand and with a pointed finger asked again, “Yeah, but why does he gotta leave da beach?” I explained again that since he refused to heed my previous warnings, he was restricted for one day. Finally, my supervisor came over and got her to calm down and leave. Or so I thought.

It was probably less than an hour before she returned. This time she was not alone. With her came a man who was presumably her husband. He probably weighed less than one hundred pounds and was not dressed for the beach. He looked like one of Al Capone’s goons that just got off of the boat. He wore baggy dress pants that flapped in the wind. His feet were covered with dress wing tip shoes and dark socks. He was wearing a tank tee shirt, which is what we non-Italians referred to as a “Ginny tee” because of their popularity among Italians. He was wearing a Fedora hat and smoking a cigar which he threw on the ground as he approached the guard area. He marched ahead of his wife and as he lifted his palm in front of his face, as if preparing to render a back hand slap, he asked her, “Which one was it, which one?” With his huge wife, waddling behind him, she pointed at me as I was lying on the blanket in the guard area and proclaimed, “Dat one!”

Before I could get up, the man approached the roped off area and leaning over the rope with his backhand ready in front of his face he demanded, “Coyes (curse) at me! Gah ahead, you coysed at my wife, now coyse at me! I’ll break ya face!” I was shocked because I had never cursed at the woman. By now, my friend on the stand was laughing so hard that he fell off of the stand. I arose and assured the man that I had not cursed at his wife and that as beach employees we were not permitted to curse at people. But then, being somewhat indignant, I added, “If you want to come back at 4:30 when the beach closes I can meet you outside the gate and I’ll curse at you all you want.” This only made the man more furious. Grabbing at the ropes he yelled, “Get outside dem ropes and fight like a man! I’ll break ya face!”

My supervisor was alerted by the commotion and rushed to intervene. After prolonged discussion he managed to get the man to calm down. He left with his wife continuing to yell threats at me as he left. I left work at 4:30 and half expected to meet him, along with a few button men, by the gate, but I never saw him again. But I never forgot his invitation, “Coyse at me!”

Got Ya Birdie

When I was in high school I was pretty good at getting my friends to laugh. Occasionally, my timing was inappropriate and a little disruptive in class. Most of the teachers let me off with a warning which I was smart enough to take seriously. I had to be careful because my mom was the school nurse, so I didn’t get away with much.

One day I was in a large “study hall” class of about 50 students. It was in a large double class room. The teacher was the football coach, Mr. Skiptunas. He was a very tall and muscular man. Students were required to be quiet and study or do homework during this “study hall” period. Mr. Skiptunas would sit at his desk in the front and read the newspaper. I sat in the back row, as far from coach as I could get.

I remember that it was a beautiful spring day and the windows were open. There were no screens on the windows. I had developed a perfect bird chirp whistle which I could make through my teeth with my mouth barely open. Some of my friends sitting nearby knew my bird noise. I started with a few short chirps. Other kids began looking around the room for the bird. Coach Skiptunas looked up from his newspaper and I stopped with my head bowed and staring into my open textbook. I waited a few minutes and chirped again. This time my friends started to choke back laughter. Coach looked up and I stopped again, but my friends were still choking back their laughs. Coach stared around the room even longer. We all quieted down again. I waited a few minutes before I started chirping again. But, this time, before I could finish coach swung out a perfect quarterback bullet pass with a piece of chalk. The perfect pass hit me square in the middle of my forehead and knocked me back in my seat. Coach stood up and pointed at me and said loudly, “Got ya birdie!” The entire class cracked up. I just bowed my head in pain.

I left study hall with a big red welt on my forehead and I never disrupted coach Skiptunas’ study hall ever again.

Goober’s Pizza Sauce

When I was in college at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY, I worked at the most popular pizza joint in the little college town. There were two colleges in Canton, St. Lawrence and Canton State where Gramma graduated. Like any college town, good pizza places are very busy any night of the week. I worked at Tony Zsa Zsa’s. It was so busy at night that there was no way with two pizza ovens that we could make all of the pizzas to order from scratch. So we would make up the pie crusts without the sauce and toppings earlier in the day, cook them for ten minutes, just long enough to make them stiff, and then freeze them until the evening rush. Once folks ordered their pizza, we would put the toppings and sauce on and then we only had to cook them for about ten more minutes. It was a successful strategy. We kept up with the rush and the people got a fresh cooked pizza in about ten minutes.

My job involved going in to the restaurant earlier in the day and preparing the pie crusts. Now at that time, New York State had a special program where small businesses could hire handicapped teens and pay them less than minimum wage for part time work. Tony hired two “special needs” high school boys who only went to school for half the day in the morning. One of the boys was named Billy. Billy had a very short temper and had a tendency to be aggressive, especially toward the other boy named Goober. Billy would get upset about some of the stupid things that Goober would say and Goober said a bunch of stupid things. Billy would often threaten Goober. Besides having a tendency to utter some foolish things, Goober had a cleft lip and had a speech impediment.

I would mix the dough in a giant mixing bowl. After the dough was mixed, usually about ten pounds worth, we would lay it out on a giant wood cutting board table. I would use a butcher knife to cut off a pie crust weight of dough and push it over to my helpers to knead with their finger tips to a size about a foot in diameter. I would spin the crusts up in the air like a true pizza maker to get them to full baking size.

We would chat as we did our work and I spent a considerable amount of time trying to keep my helpers from fighting with each other. One day as Billy and Goober were kneading the dough piles with their finger tips, Billy and I noticed that Goober was picking his nose and poking the boogers on his finger into the dough with the same finger. Billy went ballistic! He grabbed the butcher knife off of the table and began chasing Goober around the room threatening to kill him.

I had to think fast or Goober was going to be dead. I immediately remembered a refocusing exercise from my Psychology class. I screamed to Billy that we didn’t need to kill Goober because he was already dead. Billy stopped in his tracks and looked at me puzzled. I said, “Goober already died in a car accident.” Billy said, “But, I see him.” I replied, “That’s just his ghost and you can’t kill a ghost.” It worked! We went back to our work. When Goober would say something, Billy would stop and say, “I hear Goober.” I would remind him that it was just a ghost and he should ignore it. By the end of our shift, Goober was pretty frustrated because we wouldn’t answer him and pretended not to see him. I think Billy enjoyed the game. I felt sorry for Goober as we left and he kept trying to get our attention, saying, “I’m heya, I’m heya” with his nasal sounding cleft lip speech impediment. But at least he was alive.

Bull Spittle

One Christmas when Jodi and Suzanne were still toddlers and before Amy and Beth were born we visited my brother Bob in East Hampton, Long Island. At that time, East Hampton was still a rural area with farms. I remember that we had just finished a big meal when my brother and I decided to go outside for some fresh air. Across the road from his house there was a farm pasture with a very large bull in it. We crossed the road and stood by the fence admiring the size of this big animal as he chewed on the hay strewn about the pasture. The bull was only about fifteen yards away from us. Since it was cold out, we could see his breath. It looked like smoke coming out of his mouth.

Suddenly, we both noticed that the bull had a long string of snot dangling down from his nose. This big glob of thick snot must have hung down at least a foot below his nose. Both of us agreed that the giant, dirt strew bull spittle was very disgusting. Bob turned to me and said, “Wouldn’t it be gross if the bull sneezed and the snot hit you?”

No sooner had Bob said that and the bull lifted his head and looked at us. The bull shook his head back and forth with a loud grunt, his giant jowls flapping together. As he shook his head, the bull spittle flew out of his nose as if he was sneezing.

I often hear from people who have experienced a traumatic accident that time seems to temporarily slow down as if what is happening is in slow motion. This event with the flying bull snot seemed to be happening in slow motion. I remember seeing the snot coming toward me, twirling end over end through the air. I remember trying to dodge the snot, but suddenly the giant spittle slapped me right in the face. I let out a scream of disgust. I wiped the snot off of my mouth with my sleeve as I ran to the house. Everyone else got a good laugh over my accident, especially my brother.

Now, whenever I get near a bull, I’m careful to watch and see if they have a runny nose.

POW Training

I graduated from USAF Pilot Training, earning my wings, in December 1972. At the time, the U.S. was still involved in the Vietnam War. There were almost 600 Air Force prisoners in the Hanoi Hilton who had been shot down over North Vietnam and captured. So, the Air Force sent all combat pilots to POW training at McCord AFB in Spokane, Washington state. I went for training there in January, 1973, in the middle of winter.

We spent two weeks in the classroom learning all about subjects like prisoner rights under the Geneva Convention, psychological warfare, and resistance techniques. Our classes ended on a Friday and our instructors told us that we would begin live training in a mock prisoner of war camp on Monday morning. Training would begin with a one and one-half mile obstacle course to simulate combat conditions. We would have to crawl on our bellies through ditches and barbed wire with blank ammunition being fired over our heads. At the end of the obstacle course we would be captured, starting out our prisoner training in an exhausted condition.

On Friday night, the guys in our training group went out to a bar. Most of us probably drank too much, expecting to be able to sleep in on Saturday. I recall that it had already started raining on my way home and it was cold. At approximately 3 am on Saturday, our group was rudely awakened by our training instructors informing us that the training exercise would commence immediately. I’m sure the surprise start time was part of the plan. It’s realistic that a soldier becomes a POW by surprise. It’s not the sort of thing that someone makes an appointment for.

So we packed up what little gear we were allowed and they trucked us out to the starting point of our obstacle course in the pouring, freezing rain. The course was ankle deep in mud. We crawled through the soaking wet ditches under the barbed wire in the pitch dark. Every few minutes there would be a flash of light as automatic weapons fired blanks over our heads. Even blank shells can seriously injure someone, so we were sure to stay on our bellies and crawl. We didn’t dare stand up and run. They issued us a stick to use as a fake rifle. We could use our stick to lift up the rolls of barbed wire and crawl underneath them.

After what seemed like a couple of hours, I reached the end of the obstacle course. It was a long course and I was tired, soaking wet, covered in mud and cold. I was almost glad to be “captured”. When I arrived there was already a line of prisoners waiting to be “processed”. I was ordered by the guards to put my “weapon” in a trash barrel. I was thrown a cloth hood and told to put it over my head and to line up with my arm on the shoulder of the prisoner in front of me. There were no holes in the hood. I could only see out of the bottom around my neck.

At first, with some spunk still remaining in my soul and remembering my resistance training, I just stood by the rifle barrel, poking my stick up and down. After a few minutes a guard grabbed me and threw me back in the line and re-instructed me to keep my hood on while hanging on to the prisoner in front of me. The guards all spoke Russian to each other. I could see a tent at the front of the line. There was yelling and screaming coming from the tent. It sounded like people were being beat.

After a few minutes, I lifted my hood and started looking around. I was spotted by one of the guards who yelled in English, “Igor, show that little man that we mean business.” Suddenly, this huge man approached me. He must have been a foot taller than me, at least 6’6” tall and 300 pounds. He grabbed me with two hands by my coat collar. He lifted me off of my feet and began shaking me like a rag doll, with my arms and legs flailing around. He then threw me to the ground. I felt like every bone in my body was rattling around. After that, I got back in line, pulled my hood down and never uttered a peep.

After we were processed into the POW camp they led us in a line, hoods on our heads and leg irons about our ankles, to our cells. We were put in individual cells, in solitary confinement. The cell only had a small window in the door that was covered with a flap on the outside so that it was pitch dark inside. There was a log to sit on, but we were instructed to remain standing at attention. As I was exhausted, after a few minutes I sat down on the log and dozed off. I awoke to a loud bang and sprang to my feet. Apparently, the guard had hit the door of one of the cells and began yelling at a prisoner that he was told to remain standing. It sounded like they pulled him out of his cell and they were beating him. He was screaming in pain. Much later, after the training was over, I learned that much of this was staged for our “benefit”.

Later, while still in solitary, they brought me a bowl of fish heads and rice for food. It was disgusting. I didn’t eat it. Now, I was cold, tired, wet, dirty and hungry. I have no idea how long I was in there. After some time the guards came back and marched us all off to what sounded like a large open hall. On the way there, as we marched outside, I could see through the bottom of my hood that the rain had changed to snow. Once we were in the hall, they made us stand at attention again. We still had our hoods on. We stood there for what seemed like an hour listening to the same country music tune over and over again. Eventually, the guards would take us, one at a turn, for interrogation with the commandant.

The commandant looked Japanese and spoke flawless English. He asked me if I was ok and if I was being fed. He said he could help me if I was cooperative. He said he understood me and that he had graduated from an American college. He asked me where I went to college. He even offered me a cigarette, which I refused since I didn’t smoke. I could sense that I was being drawn into a trap. In our training on resisting interrogation techniques we had learned about the “good cop, bad cop” routine where one interrogator would be kind and the other would be brutal. He asked where my squadron was stationed. As I had been taught, under the Geneva Convention, I was only required to divulge my name, rank and serial number, which is what I did. With my response, the Commandant said, “Well, I guess I’m going to have to get Igor.”

Igor burst into the room, picked me up and threw me against the wall. He was standing over me getting ready to kick me when the Commandant yelled at him in Russian and he stopped. Igor left the room and the Commandant helped me up. He apologized for the rough treatment and allowed me to take a seat again. He handed me a flat board about 6” wide and 2’ long and asked me to hold it up and read the writing on it. It was some stupid nursery rhyme. He then took the board, turned it over and on the other side it said that, “Richard Nixon is a war criminal”. He then pointed to a small hole in the wall behind him and pointing at me. He said, “We have a camera in there.” He then turned on a small television and played a video recording of me with my lips moving but no sound holding up the sign that said, “Richard Nixon is a war criminal”. (Nixon was the President at that time)

After our interrogations, we were marched back to our solitary cells, being tired, hungry, cold, sore and discouraged. The next day they marched us out to the hall for interrogations again. Only this time, after an hour of standing at attention listening to the same song, they ordered us to get on our knees. We still had our hoods on, so we couldn’t see what was in front of us. They told us to get down on all fours and crawl forward. I could feel myself squeezing through a small unseen door. About the time that my head hit a wall, they gave me a boot in the rear and slammed a door on me. We were stuck in tiny animal cages curled up in a ball. It was no big deal at first, but after about 15 minutes we all started cramping up and guys began groaning and whimpering. One prisoner, known for being brash, yelled out, “I love it! I love it! I think I found a home.” The guards immediately pulled him out and began beating him. There was a lot of screaming and yelling. To this day, I don’t know if it was staged. The entire training was intended to break you down mentally.

After a few days all of the prisoners, including myself, were transferred into a group shelter. We were supposed to develop a prisoner command system, which was based on rank. And then we were supposed to come up with a plan to escape the compound and carry it out. The guards gave us chores to do around the compound. Some prisoners snagged some shovels and shears. The escape plan was to cut and lift the chain link fence after dark to sneak out. Before the escape was attempted, earlier in the afternoon, I was called into the commandant’s office. I was ordered to shine his shoes. So I knelt down and started to brush his shoes. I was taught in basic training how to spit shine shoes to make them sparkle. I little spit mixed on the shoe with polish makes it shine brighter. So, I thought it was a good opportunity to show some disrespect and spit on the commandant’s shoes. I sucked up a big wad of snot and let it fly onto the commandant’s shoe. He jumped up and screamed, “What are you doing? You idiot! Guard, take this dog outside and throw him in the hole.”

I spent the remainder of the afternoon in a small box buried in the ground. The bottom of the box had a floor of solid ice and the top had a lid so that it was pitch dark. After awhile my feet began to freeze. Every so often I would push the lid of the box up to see if there were any guards around and every time they were there. I was stuck in the box until late in the evening. I heard some commotion outside and was sure that my fellow prisoners were attempting their escape. I crawled out of the box and ran for the escape point. By the time I got there, it was too late. The guards had already headed off our escape. Somehow, they must have found out. They were herding the prisoners at gunpoint back into the shelter. We were ordered to remain in shelter until reveille (the sound of the morning wake up).

When reveille sounded, we woke up to a bright sunny day. The guards ordered the entire group of POWs to line up in formation outside. The commandant came out and spoke. He reminded us that our escape attempt had failed. He began yelling at us that we were the worst class to ever come through the training program. He told us that we were going to have to repeat the entire course, beginning with the obstacle course. I saw grown men begin to cry. Then they raised the American flag and began playing the Star Spangled Banner. When it was over, the commander said, “Congratulations soldiers, you passed. Dismissed.”

“Stew, You on Fire. Man, You on Fire!”

After completing POW training, I went right in to winter survival training. We had a week of classes at the same base where we were taught how to survive in the wilderness in winter. I suppose they were preparing us for a Russian invasion. We learned how to make shelter, catch food, cook food and stay warm. It was similar to preparing for a Bear Grills adventure. They also taught us navigation techniques for evading capture.

After a week of classroom training they shipped us out to a snow covered mountain wilderness area on the far northeastern border of the state of Washington, on the border of Canada. You can find it on a map if you look for the Pend Oreille Indian Reservation or Colville National Forest. In January, the forest and mountains were covered with several feet of snow. We were issued a 50 pound pack with food, clothing and survival equipment.

The first night, I was sent out by myself to simulate a situation where I had bailed out of my plane. I was given a map of the area showing my first rescue point. It was probably a 5 mile hike in waist deep snow over mountainous terrain carrying my 50 pound pack. I had learned how to navigate using a compass and fixing on targets. But, I couldn’t make a straight path because of the terrain and because I was supposed to avoid being seen and captured. The “enemy” was using helicopters to find people and if we were captured, we would be picked up and sent back to the starting point. After hiking all day, some guys would get tired and try to take a short cut through a meadow. They would get about half way across the meadow, in the middle where they could be easily spotted and you would hear the sound of the chopper coming over the ridge. They would try to run for it in the snow, but they always got caught. I took the long route and stayed under the cover of the trees.

There was no way that I could make it to my extraction point in one day, so I had to make camp over night. We had been taught how to make a lean to with bows and how to start a fire. So, I made myself a shelter and made a small fire. It was big enough to keep me warm for a while and to dry out my clothes, but it wouldn’t last the night. Thank God we were issued sub zero sleeping bags. I curled up snug as a bug in my bag.

Now, the instructors had told us all sorts of stories about the famous Sasquatch, a giant ape-like man, rumored to live in the forests of Washington. I never believed that such a monster existed, but there are numerous people in that area who claim to have seen one. Well, as it got dark and I was preparing to doze off in my sleeping bag, I suddenly felt the ground shaking and I could hear something pounding. I heard what sounded like heavy, labored breathing. I covered my head with my sleeping bag and prayed. I eventually fell asleep from exhaustion and fear.

The following morning, I was able to make it to my extraction point where I was met by my other class mates. It turns out, that we all had similar stories about hearing the Sasquatch, but no one saw him. I think our instructors had played another prank on us. I was glad to see my friends. A friend of mine from pilot training, John Stewart, was in the group. We all called him Stew.

That afternoon we were sent out again, only this time in pairs, with new directions to a different extraction point. It was another long hike through waist deep snow and we arrived at our destination late in the evening, tired, wet and cold. But, this night we were put up in luxury tents. Not really. They were 8 man tents made with nylon parachute material. There were 4 hay-filled mattresses on each side of the tent separated by a lane down the middle. There were 2 cut telephone poles down the middle to form an aisle between the mattresses. At the end of the tent and the aisle was a small pot belly wood stove to keep the tent warm. The fires were already stoked with plenty of wood when we got there which would keep the fire going all night. I was in the same tent as Stew, who snagged the mattress closest to the fire on one side. Across the aisle from Stew was a black sergeant whose name I don’t recall. I hadn’t met him before. I ended up with the mattress closest to the door of the tent and furthest from the stove.

We were all soaking wet, so we were glad to strip down and hang up our wet clothes in the warm tent. We climbed in our sleeping bags atop the straw mattresses. Before we fell asleep, one of the camp hosts came in to let us know that we had to put the fire out unless we took turns guarding the fire. We decided to keep the fire going, but no one wanted to stay awake. Stew assured us all that the wood stove was not a fire risk and we all fell asleep.

In the middle of the night I woke up as all of the men in the tent were coughing. There was thick smoke in the tent. I looked up and all that I could see was the whites of the black sergeant’s eyes. He suddenly yelled out, “Stew, you on fire! Man, you on fire!” The pole next to Stew near the fire was smoldering and smoking and was starting to ignite the straw in Stew’s mattress. Stew began pounding away at his mattress. But, no one was getting up to get out of the tent. That was probably because we were all buck naked and it was freezing out. I knew I had to do something before we all died of smoke inhalation or before the whole tent caught fire. So, I crawled out of bed, grabbed the end of the pole by the door and began pulling it out of the tent. I managed to get it out and freezing cold, I dove back into the tent and my sleeping bag. The next morning I awoke with blisters on my feet from the frozen ground, but at least I saved my buddies. I was so glad that the training was over and that I wouldn’t have to do any more hiking with my blistered feet. They sent a chopper to fly us all back to base. And that’s how I survived winter survival training.