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Fundamentally Transforming America

Election eve, 2008, President-elect Obama claims, “We are one step closer to fundamentally transforming America, forever.” The mob of Chicago admirers cheered uproariously. What did this mean to them? Was it just another nebulous, but exhilarating one liner like hope and change? Or were they cheering that somehow he would bring about some sort of justice for the perceived wrongs that had been perpetrated upon the “poor” people by big corporations and old, white, rich men? Maybe they were just happy to finally be done with George Bush, who the media had successfully demonized as the cruelest oppressor of Americans since King George III. For five years now, we’ve all been working to understand what he meant. Some of us had a clue and a few have been attempting to stop him. Sometimes it feels like we have our finger in the proverbial dike.

The transformation is proceeding. We’ve experienced the largest expansion of government spending and its attendant power in our history. The process of nationalizing health care has begun, which will necessitate that government must control all of your lifestyle choices. Redistribution of wealth through higher taxation for all but the lowest incomes will commence this year. We all know that stealing from the rich and giving to the poor creates prosperity. The attacks on Americans who cling to their guns and religion have been amped up. He promised to save us from global warming and so the coal industry has been destroyed. No new nuclear plants have been put on line, but we’ve seen the landscape polluted with giant windmills and failed solar energy plants with connections to the Obama campaign. So, energy prices have skyrocketed just as he promised. Unfortunately, the oppressed poor haven’t really benefitted from any of this transformation. In fact, they’re worse off than before it started. But, that’s the fault of the Republicans somehow, despite the fact that they have not been able to have a single policy victory in five years.

Some years ago I had heard about a dastardly vision that liberals had for forcing us all (except for the political elite, of course) back into the inner cities. Supposedly, Obama was involved with a group in Chicago whose goal was “cities without suburbs.” Now, I don’t know about you, but I enjoy a yard and a garden. I prefer to see my grandchildren running around the yard instead of some tenement infested with gangbangers. I hadn’t heard much more about this since 2008, but then, this week I happened upon an interview on Fox News with Megyn Kelly. She was interviewing Stanley Kurtz, author of Spreading the Wealth Around: How Obama Is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay For the Cities. [1]  According to Kurtz, “The idea of smart growth policies is that you should get out of your car, don’t move to the suburbs. You should live in a tiny, densely packed apartment building in the city where you would walk and take public transportation, (not) drive”.[2] How do they intend to accomplish the monumental task of forcing us all back into the crowded city? They had planned to implement it by legislating a cap and trade system whereby the connected liberals would line their pockets by selling carbon credits to everyone. But, those rascally Republicans said no again, so instead, they will use the new SS, the EPA. If one searches the EPA website, we can learn about what they call the Sustainable Communities Initiative.

“The Sustainable Communities Initiative is an exciting new program introduced by the Obama administration and spearheaded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It calls for a collaborative and integrated approach between federal agencies – particularly HUD, DOT and EPA – to promote more equitable, livable and sustainable neighborhoods and communities throughout our metropolitan regions.

SCI must require a strong focus on social and racial justice goals.

The mission of the Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities is to create strong, sustainable communities by connecting housing to jobs, fostering local innovation, and helping to build a clean energy economy.”[3]

Permit me to interpret. When you hear liberals talk about “social and racial justice”, they mean wealth redistribution. Payback. Reparations. A “clean energy” economy means, no fossil fuels, ie. gasoline. That means you must walk, take the bus or ride the train.

Continuing my train of thought from last week, Obama is motivated by a deep seated hatred of everything American.[4] There’s nothing more American than a little bit of private space in the country to enjoy the great outdoors. He wants to punish us for generations of imperialism by forcing us all into small apartments in the city to live like trapped rats.

Fundamentally Transforming America

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