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Sowing and Reaping in America

Sowing and Reaping

This past spring, I helped an organic farmer friend plant his barley and oats here in Iowa. Last week, I helped him with the harvest. Lo and behold, we harvested oats and barley! Nature is funny that way. There are irreversible laws of nature. Jesus made reference to these natural laws in teaching broader principles about human behavior. “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked. For whatever a man sows, that he also will reap.” (Galatians 6:7, NKJV)  Hindus understand the application of “karma”.


This past week there were several disturbing events that would indicate that as a society we have sown some really rotten seed. First, there was the senseless murder of Australian college student Chris Lane in Oklahoma by three black thugs who claimed that they were bored (Don’t be misled by accounts that one of the perps is white as his father is black, making him as black as the President). Then, there was the beating death of 88 year old WWII vet, Delbert Belton, by two black thugs in Spokane. He was beaten with flashlights. So, following the logic of gun control proponents, we should now ban flashlights or have flashlight free zones. Lastly, right here in my own town, a 78 year old lady was punched out by a foreign student of the University of Iowa purportedly because he didn’t like her sign protesting Planned Parenthood. While this last account does not appear to have any racial overtones, it still highlights a prevailing intolerance for conservative thought in some communities as well as a feeling among some young people that defenseless old white folks are fair game for beatings. My own 88 year old mother-in-law died from injuries suffered when she was assaulted with a shopping cart at Walmart. This attitude toward the aged by the next generation does not bode well for old people as they prepare to face death panels in an era of tight budgets.


All of this incites a measure of fear in old folks like me. Are we really safe in our communities? Iowa City is a long way from Detroit, but we still have our share of angry young black men and gangs. It’s enough to convince me to carry a gun for protection. I’ve considered getting a permit to carry, but, I don’t want to be in some government database as having a gun. Why should I have to get a permit from the government to exercise my constitutional right? I wish Iowa would adopt an open carry law like Washington. Iowa is not a traditional open carry state, but no permit is required to open carry except when in vehicles or when inside city limits If more people walked around with holstered weapons like the old west settlers, I believe that there would be much less crime and violence. It’s too bad that old Delbert didn’t have a 45. A gun saved George Zimmerman’s life. That gangsta son of Obama’s probably would have killed him (There is some evidence that Trayvon’s real dad was a crip).

By now, some might suspect me of being a racist. I’ve realized that any criticism of the black community or Obama will generate the accusation. I want to encourage anyone thinking that way to abandon the emotional response and consider the facts. First, you cannot ignore the racial component to this week’s murders. One of Chris Lane’s killers, 15 year old James Edwards tweeted on August 13, “With my n***as when it’s time to start taken life’s.” Edwards also tweeted on Aug. 28, 90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM. Just because law enforcement refuses to recognize the racial component does not change the facts. Keep in mind that the “not guilty” verdict in the Zimmerman trial was reached on July 13. The verdict was followed by many threats of violence against white people from Martin supporters. Does anyone really believe that these outbursts of violence this week are occurring in a vacuum?  Blacks make up 13% of the population, but commit 39% of all violent crimes.

What are we sowing in our society, specifically within the black community, that is leading to this wanton violence? On Monday morning I was watching Fox News. Martha Mac Callum was shocked over the Lane shooting. She was dumbfounded about the root causes of such “heartless” killing. She interviewed a shrink who admitted that as a country we have lost our moral compass and life ethic (gee, that sounds like Bork), but his solution was more mental health funding! I messaged her on Facebook with this, wondering if there’s a connection:


Of course, she did not respond. Here is what we are sowing: godless atheism and relative morality. In our post Christian culture, there is no established standard of morality. A society cannot sacrifice millions of children on the altar of convenience and think that they will not reap violence.

Specifically in the black community, for many God has been replaced by government as provider. The black community has been bamboozled by politicians buying their votes. An ethic of entitlement and dependency has destroyed the black family such that only 44% of black households are married couples. And how has government delivered? The black unemployment rate is twice as high as the white rate. The black teen unemployment rate is close to 40%. Poverty in black families is twice as high as white families (12 – 24%).  Government is not a dependable savior. Within this context of disappointment, maybe rage, black youths are deluged with a gangsta rap hip hop culture glorified by mass media and politicians. They are being taught to hate. And then they are being incited to violence by the race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who are getting rich off of the black angst. They are teaching black youth that they are victims as they drive away in their limos. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have enriched themselves while abetting the destruction of the community that they claim to represent. And the main stream press continues to hold them up as spokespersons. This is a crime!

We’ve sown empty promises, immorality, godlessness and violence. Don’t you get it, Martha?