Are Christian Ministers Who Support Trump or Clinton Harming Efforts to Reach Millenials With the Gospel?

73% of Milennials say Trump and the GOP “appeals to bigotry” in latest Quinnipiac poll. How does the church reach a generation that has been raised (in Caesar’s schools) on “social justice” and believes that the 1% are evil and corrupt? A large part of the 1% establishhment is evil and corrupt and the candidates of the two major parties represent perfectly that evil corrupt establishment. When people like Falwell and Dobson support Trump they affirm the wrong impression of Christians held by too many young people. These “Christian” ministers are seen as unprincipled supporters of greed, power and evil. Granted, young Bernie fans mistakenly believe that socialism is the cure for injustice (that’s what they learned in the public schools that you sent them to). The cure for injustice is the gospel. But, they may never listen because of the representatives of the gospel who are seen as supporters of the injustice, and that not without reason.


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